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Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

What is a Predictive Design?

Predictive Site Surveys use computer-based software programs to model the facility and RF environment.  The goal of a predictive site survey is to establish design criteria, such as AP quantity and placement with relative confidence.  One of the major benefits of predictive modeling is the ability to quickly simulate various deployment scenarios and to narrow design alternatives.  

A predictive site survey will never be 100% accurate, and though it might not replace pre-deployment or post-deployment site survey, it can help expedite them.  When you perform adequate requirements gathering and planning, predictive site surveys can result in a Wi-Fi network design that meets requirements with a high level of confidence.  

It also provides validation of the forcasted AP capacity from the requirements gathering process and allows you to make adjustments by taking unique facility characteristics into consideration.

Design Process Explained

A typical design process begins with the predictive design.  The predictive design is used to generate a budgetary quote to determine if the associated costs of the installation are in the ballpark of expectations.  Once the budgetary quote is approved, in most cases, an onsite survey should be performed.  The onsite survey will validate the floor-plan accuracy and remove any assumptions that have been previously made.  A revised quote is provided and, if approved, the installation is completed.  Finally, a post deployment survey should be completed to validate the installation provides the expected coverage results.

Request for Information

The form below is requesting specific information about the site to be used in the design process.  The more information that you can provide, the more accurate the prediction will be.  RF design assumptions are used in the absence of information from the installation site in the predictive design phase.  It is not recommended to purchase hardware or begin a deployment prior to validating the RF design assumptions.  The assumptions are put in place based on prior experience in similar sites to expedite the creation of a budgetary estimate.

There are 2 parts to start the design process.   Part 1 will be to complete the Design Survey,  when complete you can close that window and return to this page.   Part 2 will be to upload site floor plans.

Part 1 Design Survey

Once you click the Survey button you will be taken to a different page to complet the survey.   Once complete you can close that window to return for part 2.

Part 2 Site Floor Plan upload

Please upload one floor plan for each floor for interior design, and one plan for that includes area that needs exterior coverage.   If you have multiple pages please zip into one folder for the upload.

It is best to provide a image that is not greater then 4000x4000 pixels.  

The following image formats are supported: •BMP, WBMP •JPG, JPEG •PNG •GIF •PDF •SVG (SVG drawings) •DWD, DXF (2D CAD drawings)